This introduction is special, its sad, its warm, and a lot of feelings involved. I usually don’t buy these kind of projects and knowing that this breaks the golden rules is causing some sleepless nights. This project was a somewhat forgotten BMW 325i on the E30 platform in my dads garage. He likes that car, its not that he rely wanted to sell it, he had a stroke and won’t be able to finish the project. That’s why it’s a different story and a bit more emotional purchase than normal.

From that introduction I do think this is the solution that will make everyone the happiest in the future. I hope to have it on the road as fast as possible so that everyone can enjoy it again. There is a lot of hope in this project.

Name of the car: The cars name is Emory, because its a German origin name that is actually pretty, not mentioning other German names. The name in itself has ties to industry and craftsmanship which is the type of jobs that my dads always had so it felt fitting in a way that it would be in there as an Easter egg.

Buying Emory: This story is as sentimental as it gets and starts with my dad having a stroke that he barely survived. My dads biggest interests has always been bikes and cars, but the stroke left him with limited control of his right side, and shorter attention span. He’s OK and you can hang out with him and talk, but the parts of the brain that survived the stroke have to make up for the lost ones and everyday things take a lot of focus. Needless to say he didn’t get back behind the wheel or back up on a bike. It’s a tricky situation because we still wanted him to, and we kept a bike and a car so that he would have it to fight for.

In short succession the he moved from the house he rented and his cars needed a home. We’ve always had projects together so my cars have been in his garage for years before and at the time I had a bike stored next to his, so it only felt natural that he would move into my garage.

It took a long time before I offered to buy it from him though, I didn’t want to push it, I wanted him to fight the stroke as long and as intense as possible. It was only when you could tell that he had started accepting a new kind of normal that I offered to buy it. He’s not going to drive it again, but at least I can give it my best shot to get him back in the passenger seat.

This is where the sentimental part comes in, because this is a kind of project that I would never buy if it didn’t come with the sentimental baggage. when I bought the car it celebrated 10 years since it was last started and its disassembled so it is utterly impossible to know what parts are missing. I don’t like that kind of risk and in fact I’ve stayed away from it ever since the first project car I bought. If you want to know more about that car you can read about Viola.

What’s been done to him: It’s early on in the project and we are at the point where the dead animals have been removed and the layers of dust and dirt have been wiped of. I haven’t done much to her but when pealing of the dirt I’ve discovered bits and pieces stamped Hartge. I’ve never been into everything BMW so Hartge as a company was completely of my radar before I got this car, but in doing my homework I’ve come to understand that it’s something special. This car has definitely been touched by some sort of Hartge upgrade but more than that I don’t really know at this point. Since it’s been in the family since 2008 and I was with my dad when he bought it I’m quite confident that the modifications has been there since before it entered Sweden in 2007. That’s where it gets trickier to trace because it was imported to from Germany and the paper trail in the Swedish come to an end.

If you know anything about Hartge accessories from the period please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. I’m looking forward to see where this rabbit hole takes me, it’s dad’s car so it’s not for sale or the bits and pieces on it, I just want to know its story.

Thanks for checking us out, we appreciate it. Hope you enjoy the rest of our content and that we see you around again soon.

Writer: Pierre Helgesson
Title: Founder & CEO of Drivers Soul

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