Buying this car was a pivotal moment in my approach to what was my hobby. With three cars already in the garage and an itching feeling to buy more cars its hard to ignore that this is only heading one way and if it isn’t out of control, it is going to spin out of control soon enough. This realization became a shift in my car collecting. It suddenly went from something that just happens, I have no idea how that car got there, to something intentional and something that I would make place for in my life. I think it’s important to be honest with yourself and pursue it if you rely want it. In a way this moment is where Drivers Soul comes from because the thoughts about something similar to Drivers Soul started appearing after the injection of intent into the car hobby, and in stead of a hobby it became something else with an out of control hobby vibe to it.

This is probably one of those moments when its hard to explain my logic’s to anyone else. I wanted to have another car and I measured the space left in the garage. The only car that would fit that space was another Mini, and that’s how I knew I had to have one more Mini.

Name of the car: The cars name is Olga, because I wanted to have a feminine name and Olga is close to oil, and once again it’s also closer to the Swedish word for oil. It also made sense because the Mini is somewhat unique in that it uses the same oil for the engine as it does for the gearbox. The Mini was revolutionary when it came because of it’s small engine package and mating the engine with the gearbox was one of the things they did to solve the packaging.

Buying Olga: The hunt was on and as usual when your looking for something specific the ads are more dry then usual. The opportunity to buy a car came when I wasn’t expecting it, as they usually do. It started when I was at a car meeting where I left with a very different thought then what actually unfolded within the next 24 hours. I had joked with a friend about driving cross the country and picking up two Mini Clubman’s. It was a joke but with the car hobby jokes sometime become the plan later. In that conversation we had hastily also talked about a project car stuck in a workshop in a different city, but my friend had written the project of as a non starter for him to buy. The thought was kind of stuck in my head though, and unfortunately the best way to get rid of such thoughts is usually to just give into it. It wasn’t even supposed to be that good and most times its worse then you thought. I gave a friend a call about the project car stuck in a workshop and then it was like a bowling ball rolling downhill.

It was impossible to stop and shortly after I bought it sight unseen and because that same friend was driving through the parts of the country where the car was at, the car was kind of coming my way fast. It was that kind of feeling when you put the phone down and think “What just happened? What did I just do?” and it really did happen. Then came thoughts like “I need to clean the garage, now! I better get moving with my bank account transaction to pay for this!” and suddenly my schedule was very hectic. The next day I was picked up after work by a friend with a car on a trailer that was apparently my car, with a two and a half hour drive back to Stockholm.

It does need a bit of work, but it’s an honest and solid car with a brand new paint job and there’s a bunch of new fresh parts coming with it. Think its going to be fun to fix it up, think your going to be seeing this car on the road soon.

Thanks for checking us out, we appreciate it. Hope you enjoy the rest of our content and that we see you around again soon.

Writer: Pierre Helgesson
Title: Founder & CEO of Drivers Soul

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