This is a perfectly fine running and driving beater at the moment. Which is not the case for most of my other cars in the garage. Unfortunately that means this car is not a priority. It’s enjoyable as it is and only becomes priority when it breaks down.

That’s also why a build plan is important for a car that is not a priority, because things do break and then we build it back up one step closer to the goal. Even without the spotlight the car is slowly moving towards its goal, but only in its own pace.

I rely like to drive it and I have trusted it to go on a week long road-trip that ventured far beyond the support of my usual garage. It made it but of course it needed some repairs after that, and that’s what it does. We abuse it and fix it.

Philosophy for the car: This car is my daily city driver. It’s not that I hesitate to drive it outside of the city, but because I live in the city this car is the one that see most daily use. It’s practical, fun, and a happy car in the city.

I want it to be a quiet car with brakes and handling that inspire confidence, and preferably with a dash of style to it. The style part is usually something that matures over time as more and more parts are touched by me, and slowly the car starts to reflect the character of the owner and its intentions. This style I would describe as focused on functional and simple.

Modifications currently on the list: Focusing on driveability and reliability it’s not getting to be tuned and mostly kept original or close to it. The things that I do want to upgrade on the car is all focused on making it safe, reliable, and pleasant to spend time behind the wheel.

That currently includes overhauling the cooling system and possibly changing parts of it. Because it broke I recently deleted the heater valve in favor of a constantly open but somewhat restricted hose. I will completely change the electrical system, and change the fuel pump. The underside needs a anti corrosion treatment, which might be a priority. On the outside I intend to give the shell a new paint job, as well as the engine bay. There is a stainless exhaust on the shelf and the current one is rattling at certain RPM’s. I will rust proof the floor inside the coupe and give it a new carpet and possibly change some additional interior parts that are warped from heat and moisture over time.

It sounds like a longer list than it actually is, there is a lot on it but nothing rely scary on it, and the parts bin for this project is close to full of all the parts that will be needed.

Time frame for project: Summer is coming up and my parts bin is growing but not complete, not to mention that this is a running car, and before I have gotten at least one more car running this project is not getting tackled. If all goes well with the other projects I might take this project on next winter season. When I do dive into this project there wont rely be a lot of new things that i haven’t done before, which is good.

It takes time and requires quite a lot of disassembly but none of these steps are rely that hard on these models, it just takes time.

Because its not a priority project there isn’t going to be any extensive build reports on Lilli’s progress any time soon, but whenever something breaks we’ll fix it and bring it one step closer to its ideal state.

Thanks for checking us out, we appreciate it. Hope you enjoy the rest of our content and that we see you around again soon.

Writer: Pierre Helgesson
Title: Founder & CEO of Drivers Soul

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