Forgotten, neglected, stuffed away, dusty, unloved is what it is. It doesn’t even have a name. Poor thing, but while I’ve been offered to sell her I still think she looks bitching cool. It’s a bit sad to just have as a decoration though, and while I did try to let my dad give her some love and affection it didn’t last to long because he got a stroke. Now she’s once again sitting there in a corner looking cool but painfully unloved. It even ran years ago and I drove it so really sad story to see it deteriorate.

Name of the bike: This story has forced me to name the forgotten bike in the corner, and its forced me to think about what I want to do with it in general. There was no plan for this bike before this article. In a way I think that sharing things on this website makes me work with more intent, which is a good thing. Back to the name of the bike. I’v been thinking about what to use the bike for to find inspiration for the bike in its intended use.

It might come as a chock but I don’t like riding bikes, I just think they look really cool, and that’s more or less the only reason I want to keep it. With that said I also want it to be used so right now I’m thinking along the lines of taking her to ice drag races. Which is why the name Elsa jumped out as a interesting name. It’s a name that fits with the other names in the garage, and also making a nod to the Disney character in frozen.

Buying her: Same guy that was there buying the Mini named Lilly and the Corvair named Petronella was there for this purchase. Back then we shared an apartment and he was really in to bikes. I didn’t really have a sense of what it would feel like riding a bike so I was curious, and I liked the cafe racer style bikes so I went on some forums ans found a project bike close by. Shortly thereafter we went and bought it and I started assembling it and eventually got it driveable. I think this might have been the most uneventful purchase of them all, it was close by and just really easy to fix everything.

Hardest part might have been to borrow some money from mom to purchase it, just because its a motorcycle, but she didn’t object to much. She just had some questions about what kind of bike it was and since it was an older heavier bike she seemed to think something like “Well if he is buying a bike it’s probably not going to get better then this” and she borrowed me the money.

Whats been done to her: It been a long time and I don’t really remember everything, but I know her appearance is vastly different today than before. The most significant thing that’s been done to her is new wheel bearings and wheels, while also changing the chains ans sprockets. After that its been things more aligned with cosmetics while serving some improvements in ergonomics.

There are some fun memories from that time and the build. Like when we first got her to fire. I remember we had her up on the lift, primed her with starter gas, and cranked her over. She fired but not entirely clean for the first rotations. i remember her throwing flames and it was painfully loud. The shock waves where bouncing around in the concrete garage and things started falling down from the walls. It was nasty but kind of pleasantly nasty.

There is also that time when I tried to fit a new tire and I had seen on YouTube that you could fill the tire with flammable gas and light it on fire to get it to seal properly. I’ve always been cautious while wanting to push it to the limit. The first funny thing was the conversation at the cigarette store where I wanted to buy lighter and gas, and the clerk tried to sell me a regular lighter and I told him “I don’t want my hands anywhere near this this” and after he understood my plan he tried to tell me that not everything on YouTube is a good idea. When I later tried it didn’t really work, but the valve shot a consistent flame like a mini flamethrower up into my electrical system. It was a bit stressful for a while but its all fun memories now.

Thanks for checking us out, we appreciate it. Hope you enjoy the rest of our content and that we see you around again soon.

Writer: Pierre Helgesson
Title: Founder & CEO of Drivers Soul

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