There’s a lot of things to think about when starting a company, and there is even more things to think about when you want to guard your passion for whats to become a business. The dynamics where somewhat different from most companies since this is a hobby vibe that’s out of control and that’s the core feeling I want to keep in the company. I’m not talking about it as a brand component, this is the feeling I want to have when I’m engaging with my own company.

There was a lot of thinking and contemplating going on about what values in the car culture that was most important for me, and it probably took more then a year before I knew what i wanted to do. It’s easy when you figure it out, for me its about driving, the soothing feeling of being consumed by the analogue pleasure of driving.

Drivers Soul or not this is still what I’m deeply passionate about and Drivers Soul does whatever I want to do with that passion. It’s an out of control hobby life style that sometimes results in products that like minded can buy. It’s important to make the distinction never the less that the priority for Drivers Soul will always be the car culture, simply because we had and still have other incomes. What we do at Drivers Soul is what we like to see and use our self’s, while its fun if you like our products our priority is rely to be a part of car culture rather then view it as a customer.

There you have it, an incorporated hobby vibe serving as an excuse to be consumed in the analogue pleasure of driving a classic car. Welcome to Drivers Soul.

Thanks for checking us out, we appreciate it. Hope you enjoy the rest of our content and that we see you around again soon.

Writer: Pierre Helgesson
Title: Founder & CEO of Drivers Soul

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