Cars, photography, driving, and sharing the love for cars is what it is all about. It will probably evolve over time but the vision is to spend less on text, and more by visual content. First up I want you to get to know who we are, which is what the article series “Who D.S.” is for, this article series is about this garage and where we come from. 

We love cars, and we love driving cars, and we love exploring this world with cameras in hand. I want to start with introducing you to the “Drivers Soul” garage and what’s currently in it, so first up in this series will be a look at each car and how they ended up in our garage. You can find all of these articles under the “D.S. Cars” series, and after introductions there will probably be build articles where we share our updates.

Next up in that order will be a series about driving and we will also launch a series of articles titled “Road’n roll” which will be about or around road-trips which we are hugely passionate about here at Drivers Soul. 

Final article series to launch in this first batch of article series is something we are going to title “Photo’n Moto”. It is as simple as the title, the series is about photos and a soft kind of course around photography in the sense that we are going to share thoughts, settings, and techniques that made the photos. It’s not so much a course in photography as it is a declaration of the photographers philosophy and approach to photography and how we do it here. Be inspired and don’t hesitate to go your own way, we just want to share what we do and how we do it.

Hope you enjoy the content avenues so far. We are car people so we don’t mind if you offer suggestions or ideas. Feel free to reach out to us, we are all car people that just want to have fun.

Thanks for checking us out, we appreciate it. Hope you enjoy the rest of our content and that we see you around again soon.

Writer: Pierre Helgesson
Title: Founder & CEO of Drivers Soul

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